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Bone Broth — Why You Should Try It Now

Have you heard about bone broth?

It's pretty much exactly how it sounds. This common, healthy kitchen staple is growing in popularity. The broth is meant to be sipped and enjoyed. Easy to digest and brimming with nutrients, bone broth has many potential heath benefits.

Better sleep ~ glycine, found in bone broth, can help improve sleep quality and bolster memory.

Immune support ~ some people who suffer from auto-immune disorders have experienced a relief of symptoms when drinking bone broth on a regular basis.

Strong bones ~ bone broth contains essential amino acids that your body can use to augment or support various parts of your skeleton.

Joint protection ~ bone broth contains glucosamine, which can reduce joint pain.

Youthful good looks ~ bone broth is a rich source of collagen, which supports hair and skin growth, and helps keep skin smooth and firm.

Caravia is now stocking a limited supply of house-made broth -- it will be available tomorrow (Tuesday, February 21) in the store, so stop by and see for yourself!

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