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Announcing Caravia's Grab 'n Go — Freshly made meals, ready for you to just grab and go!

If you had all the time you needed in a day, wouldn't you want to make fresh, healthy, and delicious meals for yourself and your family? Between work, soccer practice, choir rehearsal, and the PTA meeting, there's just never seems to be enough time to plan, prepare, and serve a delicious family lunch or dinner every day. So, you consider your options: fast food drive-thru, another frozen pizza?

But now, you have a better choice: Caravia's Grab 'n Go

Caravia is now offering quick and convenient freshly made meals, ready for you to just grab and go. No waiting in line at the deli, just come into the store, grab your meal, and go! (Well, you have to pay for it, then you can go.)

Many customer-favorite and classic Caravia dishes are available (though options change daily), such as grapefruit-marinated grilled chicken and vegetables, chicken and quinoa protein bowls, tomato-glazed meatloaf and roasted potatoes, roasted red pepper soup in single or family-sizes, green salads, pasta salads, pulled pork, spinach and artichoke dip, and more!

So the next time you're considering taking the family through the drive-thru, turn that car around and head to Caravia to grab a guaranteed fresh and delicious meal that everyone will love, and you'll love serving.

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