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Choose the Right Olive Oil

Olive oil's health benefits have been well documented. It contains healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, and replacing saturated and trans fats with unsaturated kinds may help lower your risk of heart disease.

Olive oil is made by simply squeezing out the oil from olives. But these days, not all olive oil is made so purely. Some types include the use of chemicals to help release the oil, while others are actually a blend of some quality - and some not-so-quality oils. So, it's really important that you buy your olive oil wisely. Check the region, check the production date (the fresher the better) and check the producer. When in doubt, ask us for assistance!

At Caravia, we source our olive oil from the Puglia region of Italy. This oil is a delicately fruit-flavored organic oil that is produced in the ancient Apulian tradition (think Roman Empire). The unique personality of the oil is due to its radiant color and distinct flavor. It's excellent for cooking with fish or vegetables.

Stop by the store today to taste the quality for yourself. Plus, a nice bottle of olive oil makes for a great gift for the chef in your life!

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