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It's Getting Cold....

The heat is on, the ice scraper thing is getting loose, the gloves that you tossed in the closet last April will be found and resurrected - eventually [sigh] winter is coming. And while we bid adieu to an amazingly beautiful fall, we here at Caravia are looking forward to an exciting season that's about to take over our kitchen ... Soup Season! Soup is one of the most cozy and comforting meals you can have. It's a quick meal, a warm pick-me-up, and also helps ease many through the sniffle season. But, soup is also one of the easiest ways to get your intake of vegetables. This generally low-calorie meal helps fill you up quickly, while providing relatively high nutrient density, so it also helps with weight-loss. But not all soups are equal in their health benefits. Many of the canned soups you see on the shelves in grocery stores have tons of additives, not to mention high quantities of salt and sugar. So, to ensure that you are eating the healthiest soup you can, it's always better when it's homemade. At Caravia, we make soups from scratch: carefully selected butternut squash, perfectly chopped bell peppers, fresh Swiss chard, just the right amount of a good olive oil ... we're excited to be cooking some great soups with real food for you in the coming months! Below is a list of just some of the soups we're excited about this fall: Roasted Butternut Squash Vegetarian Roasted Vegetable (vegan) Tuscan White Bean w/ Swiss Chard Lemon Basil Chicken w/ Rice We're making new soups every day, so give a call or stop in and see what the chefs are up to!

Making your own homemade soup? Here's a tip from our chefs:

"A great soup starts with a great soup base. Use fresh bay leaves, fresh parsley, whole peppercorns, carrot, and celery stalks (including the tender leaves) in your base and your soup will be full of flavor."

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